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Da Rex Raaks!

The show at Greenbelt3 was the bomb! I wish you were there! I was laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting by the middle of it.

It was one hour late, but it was worth it. The show lasted for an hour, and it was care of AyalaMalls [sponsor!]. :) Anyway, there were a couple of rehashed jokes, but most were new [well, at least to me, I mean they have some common themes, but I still love the variation]. I most loved the Mom jokes and the gay jokes, totally relevant for me right now, I'd say. Sai commented we were laughing so loud we could be heard from the back [they were sitting waaay back, and we were in front].

In attendance were me alenurd, electric_hotpot (thanks for the ride! ^_^), iamnotvain, Rory, and Ryan. We also saw miyachan and saisun.

Will post pictures soon!!! ^_________________^
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