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[Community] Tags and Invitations


Please make it a habit to put tags in your entries, especially if you will be puting something nice, like a link to a webpage with cool info about Rex, or about Pinoys, and all that stuff. This is for an organized community. ^_^ I'm painfully OC, blame it on my mom. :P

Also, please invite people to join, and if you have other communities that wouldn't mind, pimp our community, rex_navarette. it is just like in linking to a normal lJ user. If you are a moderator or maintainer, you can also use the Invite Members function in Community Management. ^_^

When we're a bit manier in the community, I think maybe we can start filesharing, but please no whole albums. Plus, always also to give credit and respect to the artist.

Speaking of which, I want da Madapaka-ing DVD!
Tags: announcements, community, housekeeping
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