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Yes! Rex will be in Manila/Makati/basta Pilipinas... what!?! Tomorrow!????!!

Good thing it's a free show, or else I wouldn't know where to run for tickets... Thing is, he didn't say what time it is. I asked him about that and I hope he can reply within the day...

Here's snippets from his post:

I'll be back in Makati for a Free show at Greenbelt 3 this Thursday June 15th. The merry folks of Ayala Center want to give you a free show of ME, so bring all your peeps, the gig's on them. This is gonna be a short stay for me this trip, but long enough to bring some needed laughs to the homeland. One show only!

... [other stuff here]


Hope it's not so late. I have work at nine o'clock. T_T Good thing I work in makati. In any case, I'll just be late. This is my first ever live Rex show, if ever [caused we missed him last he was here, we went up to Baguio T_T]!!!
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