Mrs. Vance (goddessastra) wrote in rex_navarette,
Mrs. Vance

Dat is MY mountaine asshole!

Hi, My name is Astra, looking for new communities to join...i thought, why not get down to my heritage and find some pinoy, here i am

I am a 23 year old brown haired half white half filipino female in illinios. (there was halo halo all ober my street yesterday ;) ) I greatly connect to my filipino side, FAR more than my brother does...and compared to his pizza, burgers and hotdogs...i would MUCH rather be eating a bowl of fish and rice...or as last nights case...tocino and fried rice..

My get my asian side from my mother...and i love my mothers family...the loud's fun. little to NO tagalog...something that makes me sad...and usualy what i DO know are simple yes and no, hello...and any nasty/perverted/swears that my friends teach me telling me "oohhh nooo! it means "you look beautiful!!" *snicker*" I sometimes wish i could learn the mother tounge just so i could speak to my lola and have a conversation before she dies...82 is old man...

I am a big Rex fan...i have the 3 cd's and the 2 dvd's...and it;s a hoot...i can relate to it all...but my brother can't seem ot understand it. He is just to damn white.

I hope to enjoy it here, and if you have any questions about me or want to get to know me, please feel free to ask any questions you like :D
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whoa! hello there!

oddly enough, i don't see rex cds/dvds here in the philippines that much. i did get one for my friend. loved it lots. i think it was badly browned.

what words do you know? it's easy to understand tagalog i think. pronunciation is something of a different matter.

as an aside, i would like to announce that rex actually has a cartoon. it's called 'the nutshack' and it airs every monday at 12mn on maxxx. kaya kung merong pwede mag-record, i-record na yung show at i-upload sa youtube.

for me, paul. for me.
*pokes at the last sentence* uhhhhh whut??? XD
if you mean by this:

"kaya kung merong pwede mag-record, i-record na yung show at i-upload sa youtube."

then i meant that the community try to record the shows and upload them on youtube.

if you meant this:

"for me, paul. for me."

then it's from rex's "easter" spiel. with the chocolate bunnies and painted eggs.
haha XD ok :D thanks

i saw some preist on ETWN today on tv chanting his praises..and it made me think of rex's bit on the guy in the balykbayan box who died (spelling)...was it bad for me to have lol'd at that???? ._.;;;
not really. there is no religion here.

none but rex's. *evil laughter*
XDDDD *lol's some more then*

i have this urge to listen to more rex, i just listened to 2 cd's again...and ay nako..i forget which 2 i listened to already...and there is his third one i wanna listen to again but i can't remember which one is lost somewhere in my car XD
you. LOST. a. rex. cd. inyourcar.

*pulls out hair*

ay susmaryosep!

XD if i haven't added you to f-list? can i can i can i can i can i can i!!

yeah, i can't find the car is messy...and if my mom see's it she may beat my ass with a rolled playboy :p
sure, add away. i doubt you'll find much to read since i haven't updated since last year though.

clean thy car! rex would want you to. it's true!

yes. you are obviously a bad person. but hey, I've laughed at worse.
XDDDDDD that made me made me made me ROFLMAO hahaha
then that settles it. you're a Very Bad Person™.
e_e uh oh...should i take that as a bad thing?
..but my brother can't seem ot understand it. He is just to damn white.

Wahahahahah! Panalo. (Teh win!) XD

Welcome (err.. belated?) to the community! Was reading the thread between you and jason... lol. My take is, if you can lose stuff in your locker, you definitely can lose stuff in your car, i.e. a mobile locker.

Cheers! :)

like they say "the floor is the biggest shelf in the house" XD