J (jasondayrit) wrote in rex_navarette,

it's aliiiiiive!!!

hello, children.

as most of you might have guessed, this community has been inactive. but believe it or not, we have a new member! dats layk a kreysey!

anyway, i believe we might have more members coming in and hopefully sharing their rex quotes and sightings and whatnot. i have a friend who wants to join (as soon as he gets off his hangover).

so let's try to make this right the second time around. this is a community (see also: cult) for people who think rex navarette is a fricking genius and all around funny guy. but i hope this would also be a community of people who, with their common love for all things rex, can also find other things in common to talk about and share. yeah, i like that.

so remember the words of wisdom our tito boy made bukbuk our heads with: when you smell crispy pata STOP! YOU STOP!

oh, rex has a cartoon on MAXXX entitled "The Nutshack". it's on every monday at 12am. channel 51 for sky cable subscribers. if anyone has the tech to record it and post it on youtube, you have my undying gratitude. this cannot wait for a DVD release.

get together, anyone? it's summer and i'm bored.


j (one of your friendly maintainers)


a few rules in addition to what's already written in the profile:
- cursing. i'll allow it (since rex likes to swear a lot, that lovable motherfucker), but if you're including it in a post, please screen it as "adult content". i don't want to have trouble from lj mods/whoever.

- keep things in topic. you might want to talk about your sex life (go right on ahead), but put a bit of rex-related stuff in your post for legality.

that's about it. just to keep people on their toes, i shall demand real life pix of people from time to time. yes, i can demand like that. you want forums? you want drinking sessions? i want those to. let's get to it, damnit!
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