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here we go [
4.28.08 at 10:05am]

guess who just got a buttload of rex mp3s.

well, i had them before, but my desktop died.

but now i have them again.

will post soon.

anyone know when he'll be back in manila? or do shows in the US? we need skeds, people!

oh, i watched the nutshack last night (which is why i was late for work this morning) and it wasn't that good. i was only laughing because i recognize rex's voice.

it's aliiiiiive!!! [
4.2.08 at 4:22pm]

hello, children.

as most of you might have guessed, this community has been inactive. but believe it or not, we have a new member! dats layk a kreysey!

anyway, i believe we might have more members coming in and hopefully sharing their rex quotes and sightings and whatnot. i have a friend who wants to join (as soon as he gets off his hangover).

so let's try to make this right the second time around. this is a community (see also: cult) for people who think rex navarette is a fricking genius and all around funny guy. but i hope this would also be a community of people who, with their common love for all things rex, can also find other things in common to talk about and share. yeah, i like that.

so remember the words of wisdom our tito boy made bukbuk our heads with: when you smell crispy pata STOP! YOU STOP!

oh, rex has a cartoon on MAXXX entitled "The Nutshack". it's on every monday at 12am. channel 51 for sky cable subscribers. if anyone has the tech to record it and post it on youtube, you have my undying gratitude. this cannot wait for a DVD release.

get together, anyone? it's summer and i'm bored.


j (one of your friendly maintainers)


a few rules in addition to what's already written in the profile:
- cursing. i'll allow it (since rex likes to swear a lot, that lovable motherfucker), but if you're including it in a post, please screen it as "adult content". i don't want to have trouble from lj mods/whoever.

- keep things in topic. you might want to talk about your sex life (go right on ahead), but put a bit of rex-related stuff in your post for legality.

that's about it. just to keep people on their toes, i shall demand real life pix of people from time to time. yes, i can demand like that. you want forums? you want drinking sessions? i want those to. let's get to it, damnit!

Dat is MY mountaine asshole! [
3.28.08 at 1:25pm]

Hi, My name is Astra, looking for new communities to join...i thought, why not get down to my heritage and find some pinoy communities...so, here i am

I am a 23 year old brown haired half white half filipino female in illinios. (there was halo halo all ober my street yesterday ;) ) I greatly connect to my filipino side, FAR more than my brother does...and compared to his pizza, burgers and hotdogs...i would MUCH rather be eating a bowl of fish and rice...or as last nights case...tocino and fried rice..

My get my asian side from my mother...and i love my mothers family...the loud crazy...it's fun. little to NO tagalog...something that makes me sad...and usualy what i DO know are simple yes and no, hello...and any nasty/perverted/swears that my friends teach me telling me "oohhh nooo! it means "you look beautiful!!" *snicker*" I sometimes wish i could learn the mother tounge just so i could speak to my lola and have a conversation before she dies...82 is old man...

I am a big Rex fan...i have the 3 cd's and the 2 dvd's...and it;s a hoot...i can relate to it all...but my brother can't seem ot understand it. He is just to damn white.

I hope to enjoy it here, and if you have any questions about me or want to get to know me, please feel free to ask any questions you like :D

Rex Joke [
11.10.07 at 9:05am]

[ mood | hehe ]

I was always going on to my family about Rex this and Rex that so I thought that by now they would have been used to it already and fairly have an idea of who he is and hat he does. Last weekend I proceeded to test it out...

Me: Ma, [blah, Rex this, blah]... Ma, you do know who Rex Navarette is right?
Mom: Huh? Yeah, isn't he that boxer?


It gets better...

Me: Pa, [blah, Rex that, blah]... Pa, you do know who Rex Navarette is right?
Dad: Yeah, sure, of course. Isn't he that fashion designer? Who's gay?

. . . . . Now where'd that come from..??? x_x...

1st sighting [
7.19.06 at 12:04pm]

[ mood | working ]

Saw Rex last Sunday at Rockwell, with Michael V (tama ba--that comedian)?

wala lang. :)

6.29.06 at 11:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]


Rex Navarette show at Greenbelt 3.

[Community] New Layout! [
6.19.06 at 9:26am]

[ mood | productive ]

Yay! New layout, "Maritess in Kenya"!

This uses S1 style. Please take the poll to let me know what you think. Comments are welcome as well.

Poll #750948 Maritess in Kenya Layout

Do you like the new layout? XD


Credits to lumoslindsay and the guys at fractal cow.

Poke and Puto [
6.18.06 at 12:42pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

When we heard Rex last time, he mentioned two words that needed some look up. I believe this was the context of the words...

Rex: I like to eat poke.

Rex to a Mexican neighbor: You want some puto?
*Mexican neighbor gets angry*
Rex clarifies: There's no comma there!!!

Click on the links to for the truth.

CDs!!! [
6.16.06 at 3:50pm]

guys, if you have rex mp3s, that's cool. show your appreciation more by buying the actual cds!

yep, they're available in tower records in megamall [that's the only tower i went to in the past weeks] for Php300! they have his 3 cds: Husky Boy, Bastos and Badly Browned [that's in chronological order of release]! makes a great gift!

if this is an actual emergency, the ilocano manong will not finish his sentence. this is only a test.

[Community] Tags and Invitations [
6.16.06 at 3:47pm]

[ mood | OC ]


Please make it a habit to put tags in your entries, especially if you will be puting something nice, like a link to a webpage with cool info about Rex, or about Pinoys, and all that stuff. This is for an organized community. ^_^ I'm painfully OC, blame it on my mom. :P

Also, please invite people to join, and if you have other communities that wouldn't mind, pimp our community, rex_navarette. it is just like in linking to a normal lJ user. If you are a moderator or maintainer, you can also use the Invite Members function in Community Management. ^_^

When we're a bit manier in the community, I think maybe we can start filesharing, but please no whole albums. Plus, always also to give credit and respect to the artist.

Speaking of which, I want da Madapaka-ing DVD!

We are Polls :P [
6.16.06 at 2:42pm]

[ mood | haven't slept ]

Poll #749048 Rex Nava Spiels

What is your favorite Rex Navarette spiel?

Rate Rex's stage performance [10 as Perfect]:

Mean: 10.00 Median: 10 Std. Dev 0.00

The second question, only for those who have seen Rex perform live. [i was trying to put this inside the code, but *grumblerumble*]

[ooh! trying out the Poll feature, I think it's new. ^_^ Gotta thanks LJ for opening it for Sponsored+ users, though I dunno if Free Accounts also have it.]

6.16.06 at 7:43am]


Sayang, di ko nadala yung digicam namin. Astig sobra.

Da Rex Raaks! [
6.16.06 at 1:12am]

[ mood | energetic ]

The show at Greenbelt3 was the bomb! I wish you were there! I was laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting by the middle of it.

It was one hour late, but it was worth it. The show lasted for an hour, and it was care of AyalaMalls [sponsor!]. :) Anyway, there were a couple of rehashed jokes, but most were new [well, at least to me, I mean they have some common themes, but I still love the variation]. I most loved the Mom jokes and the gay jokes, totally relevant for me right now, I'd say. Sai commented we were laughing so loud we could be heard from the back [they were sitting waaay back, and we were in front].

In attendance were me alenurd, electric_hotpot (thanks for the ride! ^_^), iamnotvain, Rory, and Ryan. We also saw miyachan and saisun.

Will post pictures soon!!! ^_________________^

let's start things off [
6.15.06 at 2:48pm]

to the people going to the free gig tonight at greenbelt 3: enjoy the show! get stuff signed! anything! everything!

let's discuss...

what's your favorite rex spiel?

A bit of Rex [
6.15.06 at 4:54am]

There is also a bit of Rex here in the SFC podcasts' first airing of Pinoy Pod. Listen to it here.


Rex Navarette gets interviewed by SFC [
6.15.06 at 4:43am]

[ mood | asteeg ]

Listen to Rex Navarette getting interviewed by SF Chronicle here.

Pinoy pod... cool.


6.14.06 at 3:24pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Yes! Rex will be in Manila/Makati/basta Pilipinas... what!?! Tomorrow!????!!

Good thing it's a free show, or else I wouldn't know where to run for tickets... Thing is, he didn't say what time it is. I asked him about that and I hope he can reply within the day...

Here's snippets from his post:

I'll be back in Makati for a Free show at Greenbelt 3 this Thursday June 15th. The merry folks of Ayala Center want to give you a free show of ME, so bring all your peeps, the gig's on them. This is gonna be a short stay for me this trip, but long enough to bring some needed laughs to the homeland. One show only!

... [other stuff here]


Hope it's not so late. I have work at nine o'clock. T_T Good thing I work in makati. In any case, I'll just be late. This is my first ever live Rex show, if ever [caused we missed him last he was here, we went up to Baguio T_T]!!!

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