Mrs. Vance (goddessastra) wrote in rex_navarette,
Mrs. Vance

Dat is MY mountaine asshole!

Hi, My name is Astra, looking for new communities to join...i thought, why not get down to my heritage and find some pinoy, here i am

I am a 23 year old brown haired half white half filipino female in illinios. (there was halo halo all ober my street yesterday ;) ) I greatly connect to my filipino side, FAR more than my brother does...and compared to his pizza, burgers and hotdogs...i would MUCH rather be eating a bowl of fish and rice...or as last nights case...tocino and fried rice..

My get my asian side from my mother...and i love my mothers family...the loud's fun. little to NO tagalog...something that makes me sad...and usualy what i DO know are simple yes and no, hello...and any nasty/perverted/swears that my friends teach me telling me "oohhh nooo! it means "you look beautiful!!" *snicker*" I sometimes wish i could learn the mother tounge just so i could speak to my lola and have a conversation before she dies...82 is old man...

I am a big Rex fan...i have the 3 cd's and the 2 dvd's...and it;s a hoot...i can relate to it all...but my brother can't seem ot understand it. He is just to damn white.

I hope to enjoy it here, and if you have any questions about me or want to get to know me, please feel free to ask any questions you like :D
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