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We are the childrens of the CoRN
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This community is for the Filipino fans of Rex Navarette, here in the Philippines and abroad. We can share resources, update each other on gigs and stuff. This comm is actually more for the Pinoy audience, because it is so sad that Rex has a very small following in this country. However, I thought of opening it to everyone so that we can share ideas, jokes, opinions, and the like. So feel free to pimp this community to all other Pinoys out there!

As the community is pretty new, and I myself am pretty new in handling a community, I would moderate the posts for the time being before I could post some clear-set rules for the community. In any case, feel free to join and post (again, posts are moderated as of this time which means that there might be a delay befor eyou see your post).

Will finish working on the rules probably this weekend. Hehehe [I feel oblige to say something Filipino-ish here, like Mabuhay or whatnot, but, sorry, it just ain't me... :P] I think I'd rather say... REX RAAKS!!!

*credits to lumoslindsay for the new layout!*